Cone Beam CT Scan

For best results, a cone beam Cat Scan with large field capability should be used.

The following guidelines apply to a Carestream 9600.  Adapt the guidelines to the Brand and Model available.

Large field 16X17cm with nose


HD (This mode extends initial acquisition processing time)

Set the Icon for small middle or large person based upon facial size and bone density. (For example, a post-menopausal osteopenic female may require the small setting)

Yellow Bite wafer or Futar Clear bite registration in Centric Relation, with slight tooth separation. (1mm or less)

Confirm the TMJ condyles are symmetrical within the fossas.

Place cotton roles between the teeth lips and cheeks.

Check for the removal of all facial cervical jewelry.

Align and secure the patient in the CBCT following the manufacturers recommended procedure. In general, the patient should position the head in a natural head posture. Align the mid- sagittal plane, and Frankfurt plane.


Take a scout film to confirm complete midface and mandible are within the volume.

Have the patient swallow, retrude tongue and close eyes while exposing the scan.


Carestream 9600:  Take 3D Photo Image lips in repose and smile