Facial Analysis

Full face:

Facial symmetry: Upper face, Midface, Lower face, Maxillary occlusal cant, Mandibular occlusal cant, Maxillary dental midline, Mandibular dental midline, Maxillary incisor exposed at rest, Maxillary incisor exposed at smile, Gingiva exposed at smile

Profile:  Upper lip length, Lower facial height, Maxillary position, Mandibular position, Mandibular plane angle type;  low, high, normal, Chin position, Labio-mental fold


Note areas replaced by maxillary or mandibular partial denture

Note replacement by complete maxillary or mandibular denture

Dental Shade (From Shade Guide or Intra-oral scanner)

Occlusal classification: Overjet, Overbite, Open bite, Transverse deficiency or crossbite, Gingival pathology or recession

Temporomandibular system: Muscle pain, TMJ pain,  Joint noise, Incisal opening, Lateral excursion,  Protrusion


  • Right TMJ condyle: normal–abnormal
  • Left TMJ condyle: Normal–abnormal
  • Right maxillary sinus
  • Left maxillary sinus

Please note presence of any maxillary or mandibular bone pathology other than apical pathology

Mark proposed position for dental implants, use the note box to inform us T for tilted, and P for parallel, PT for pterygoid, Z for zygoma

Note areas for simultaneous bone grafting such as right or left maxillary sinus lift