Dual Scan

The dual scan technique is used to evaluate Maxillary Mandibular relationships, Facial vertical dimension and Tooth position relative to bone in edentulous patients. 

A stable denture with proper fit symmetry and vertical dimension, will enhance the information used for treatment planning.

Place fiduciaries on the facial and palatal/lingual surface of the denture. Fiduciaries: Prepare a clean dry prosthetic surface. Usually Place 4 fiduciaries bilateral on the facial surface in paramedian locations and molar locations, as well as 3 fiduciaries on the lingual/palatal surface midline and bilateral premolar area.

(Use Sure Mark CT Mark CT-23)


Follow the CBCT protocol.  Place the patient in Centric Relation, use a bite registration as noted above if necessary, to achieve a stable bite.  If the bite is stable without a bite registration it is not essential with dentures.